Reserve rooms in Norris starting March 1 at 12:00am.

Student Organizations and University Departments can reserve space in Norris for next year (2014 – 2015) beginning March 1.

Reserve space online starting at 12:01 am*
*To reserve rooms online, Student Organizations must have a web reservation account and have their SOFO account up to date.

Reserve space in person at 8:30 am in the Event Management Office*
*3rd Floor, Norris Center

To set up an account and to reserve space go to

Areas of Event Management

EVENT PLANNING (M-F 8:30am to 5pm | (847) 491-2330)

  • Reservations in the Norris Center: Meeting rooms, McCormick Auditorium, Louis Room
  • Reservations at Shanley Pavilion, Cahn Auditorium, and Guild Lounge
  • Catering reservations throughout campus
  • Outdoor event reservations
  • One-on-one event planning and coordination
  • Ryan Auditorium reservations can be completed through the Norris Event Planning Office by email the request to

TECHNICAL SERVICES (M-F 8am to 4pm | (847) 491-2336)

  • The source for your event’s Audio-Visual needs.
  • Provides, sets up, and operates audio and video equipment for your event.
  • All reservations of AV equipment can be requested by email to
  • Contact us with any questions about our services or our equipment: Office hours are M-F 9am to 5pm.


  • Oversee our daily building operations (Operations Manager, Center Manager, Production Staff)
  • Strive to make sure all of our clients receive a high level of customer service
  • Attempt to effectively execute events planned in advance through the Events Planning Office
  • Oversee the Norris Information Desk which aims to provide information for the NU community regarding the events and services of the Norris Center
  • Part of the advisory group for student theater productions in Norris spaces.


Northwestern Catering

Northwestern Catering is based out of the Norris University Center and provides catering for the Evanston campus. Northwestern Catering will assist you with planning your event through creative menus, elegant presentations, and thoughtful service to provide your guests with a pleasurable dining experience.


Free Advertising Opportunities in Norris

  • Hanging Advertisement Space (inside Norris)
  • Banner Space (near the Arch)
  • Tables 1 through 4 (in 1999, ground floor near U.S. Bank and elevators)
  • Table Tents (on ground floor tables
  • West Main Banner (near Information Desk)
  • Windows in 1999

All of these spaces are free and reserved on first come, first served basis. 
All of these locations, with the exception of Tables in 1999 are reserved on a weekly basis (starts Monday, Ends Sunday).

Contact Event Management at (847) 491-2330 to reserve any of these spaces.

Advertise on the Norris TVs at a very low cost. Submit your Norris TV online request.