Student-led “Smart Dillo” Campaign Wins National Competition

Student-led “Smart Dillo” Campaign Wins National Competition

Last May, students all over campus began noticing the annual Dillo Day safety campaign — and this time, for more than just its “Cut that out!” message. The 2012 “Smart Dillo” campaign, which featured armadillo figurines enjoying their own Dillo Day the safe way, received much attention both on campus and nationally. It is our pleasure to announce that the 2012 “Smart Dillo” promotional campaign, led by Northwestern senior Judy Suh, has been awarded the first-place Best-in-Show Award at the ACUI “Steal This Idea” Competition! Suh will be recognized for her efforts at the annual ACUI conference, to be held in St. Louis, on March 12. In addition, the campaign materials will be featured in the 2013 July edition of the Bulletin Magazine.

Suh, the graphic design supervisor of Norris’s Student Affairs Marketing (SAM) division, crafted the campaign with help from the Dean of Students, Health Promotion and Wellness, and other members of the SAM team, as a turn away from previous years’ campaigns which often came off as harsh or chiding. The “Smart Dillo” campaign took a lighter take on it, and in conjunction with social-media campaigns by SAM communications supervisor Gabby Peterson, it introduced a level of humor and student interaction that had not been present in previous campaigns. The “Smart Dillo” campaign is being evaluated by the Dean of Students’ office to see whether they could continue the same campaign strategy for Dillo Days to come, so this might not be the last we hear from Ermie and Dillon, the porcelain armadillo stars of the Smart Dillo campaign.

For questions, please contact James McHaley, director of Student Affairs Marketing, at j-mchaley@northwestern.edu.